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Coaching & Supervision

All coaching, mentoring and supervision interventions are client centered and facilitative, integrating the needs of both the individual client and the organisation.


We deliver individual coaching to managers, leaders and executives

We also facilitate group and team coaching within organisations to develop potential and performance.

Our style is informed by the belief that the client is resourceful and we focus on having deep and challenging conversations around the true potential of an individual.  Questions are focussed on helping clients to take the time to identify strengths, build resilience and identify any areas of interference to their performance or potential. Her coaching addresses the whole person (past, present and future) following the client’s agenda and goals at all times. Clients are able to focus on raising awareness of issues around management of self, relationships and practices in order to deal with increasing pressures and challenges.

A member of the Association for Coaching (AC), adhering to strict AC coaching guidelines, principles and competencies. Undertaking rigourous supervision regularly as well as ensuring continuous professional development in the fields of coaching, leadership, organisational development and human resource management. 

Qualified to administer a wide range of psychometric tools and assessments.

An individual or team coaching programme is likely to follow the below process:

  1. Chemistry meeting with client
  2. Contracting with client (2 or 3 way with organisation)
  3. Exploring with areas of potential and development
  4. Agreeing goals
  5. Coaching sessions, assessment, diagnostic and client centred
  6. Mid point review
  7. Coaching sessions, assessment, diagnostic and client centred
  8. Evaluation through reporting and feedback (including any agreed organisational sponsor). 


We provide individual and group supervision using a questioning and facilitative approach to enable supervisees to review and reflect on their work in a safe confidential space.

It offers clients the opportunity to review their coaching cases, identify insights for improvement, enables learning and development.  Supervision (whether individual or 121) also offers coaches an additional perspective on their work which ultimately provides them with the opportunity to reflect, question, learn and develop.  It also serves as a forum of reflection considering those to whom the coach is accountable (client,organisation, profession).

Supervision has a range or positive outcomes for three key organisational stakeholders:

The coach – who gains a reflective space to develop personally and professionally and to receive support and feedback

The client – who is ensured their coach is operating ethically and professionally and engaging in improvement processes
The organisational stakeholders – who are given assurance of quality, some focus on Return on Investment and evaluation and the access to themes of organisational learning.

Options for Supervision

Individual Supervision is where a single supervisor provides supervision for one coach.
Peer Supervision where two colleagues provide supervision for each other by alternating roles and facilitation is provided by an external supervisor.
Group Supervision refers to the process where sets of coaches working together to improve their individual and collaborative practice. There are a wide range of activities which may come under group supervision and the supervisor may act in a range of roles from the lead supervisor, to a technical or final supporting role.

Cath has provided us with an opportunity to develop a common management technique which is already benefitting our team on a daily basis. I attended an ILM level 5 coaching and mentoring course which Cath ran for our organisation and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cath is extremely charismatic and her delivery skills and support that she offered were outstanding. As a direct result I have achieved both personal and professional development which I use within every day situations to help focus both myself and others on achieving goals. My management skills have increased significantly. Charismatic facilitator with a great depth of knowledge – how often does that happen! ... [read more]

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