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Organisational Development

Cath Brown Consultancy works with organisations from a variety of sectors, including NHS, health, charities, training providers, higher education and vocational development institutes. 

Organisations need to evolve and develop continuously in response to the changing economic, business and political landscape.  Organisational development solutions need a clear understanding of an organisation’s culture, people, needs and challenges.  We will work with you to deliver a tailored solution whatever challenges your organisation faces.

We design, delivery and evaluate f a variety of leadership, management, staff development and coaching training and development interventions to support individuals, teams and organisations to develop.

The following are examples of projects carried out within different organisations:

  • Design and develop a robust Competency Behaviour Framework through consultation to enable effective recruitment and selection and performance management processes within a housing organisation
  • Develop Values and Behaviours Framework for all staff for an international Tech Company.  Deliver underpinning Leadership Training to embed behaviours using blended learning approach.
  • Provision of strategic Coaching & Supervision for various NHS Foundation Trust Hospitals (internal coach training, supervision, continuing professional development, senior managers and medic’s training) to support organisational development and change.
  • Design and delivery of Change Management programmes within Housing and NHS Trusts and Special Health authorities.
  • Design and delivery of Manager as Coach sessions to change the culture of organisations improving performance and productivity through increased awareness and responsibility of individuals and teams in housing and education sectors.
  • Design and delivery of Resilience sessions across the NHS and Housing to enable individuals to build resilience in themselves and others
  • Recovery Coaching, Mediation / Family Mediation and Motivational Interview training delivered within practitioners from mental health and third sector organisations