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Julie McVeigh

Hi, my name is Julie and it’s good to meet you. I am coach, coach supervisor and whole person facilitator.

I am passionate about connecting and working with people in a protected and confidential space to surface whatever it is that you would find helpful to explore, free from judgment. My driver is to work with you to connect with the best version of you, whatever that may be, relevant to situation and context.

I have a varied client base, although my own values draw me to people working in the NHS, local authorities and voluntary sector services due the challenges invariably faced from working in pressured complex systems where the stakes are high.

I am energised by leaders who access coaching as a transformational space as I am passionate about facilitating leaders to be their authentic selves.

My work as a coach aims to get you to a place of strength-based self-awareness, which you will use in a grounded, confident way.

Coaching Profile Julie McVeigh

Julie is an Executive Developer, Supervisor, Coach, Trainer, Whole Person Facilitator and Project Manager who has experience of working in many organisational settings.

A social worker by profession, Julie secured many years of practice experience before moving into management/leadership positions. As a senior manager of one of the UK’s largest children’s charities Julie trained as a coach and executive developer and incorporated coaching into her leadership style and approach. She is now self-employed and has a varied client base which adds to the richness of her coaching experience.

Julie is passionate about people and working with them to be the best they can be. Her approach encourages reflection, self-awareness and personal growth, underpinned by the belief that people are resourceful and in the right supportive conditions they will find the solutions to their issues through positive action. 



I accessed coaching and Julie provided an invaluable thinking space for me to work through a significant number of strategic challenges in a safe and protected space. Being a leader can be isolating, with few places in the work setting to really to process thoughts and challenges. Julie helped me see the possibilities, not by directing me but by listening and probing to surface the possibilities. This helped me to achieve greater clarity and address ccontext challenges in a more impactful way.

Executive Headteacher


Key skills

Executive coaching; business coaching; leadership development; relationship management; building resilience; managing change; career/transition coaching; facilitation; coach skills training; Dare to Lead™ facilitator.


Julie is an adept user of coaching approaches such as GROW, OSCAR and The Oasis School of Human Relations, 7 Stage Approach to Effective Working Relationships. She draws on a number of coaching texts to underpin her practice including the work of Jenny Rogers and Brené Brown. Julie coaches with the brain in mind, sharing what we now know about neuroscience and the power of emotions. She utilises a range of tools and techniques, which can be used as visual aids to raise awareness. As coaching is about change, Julie uses a balance of support and challenge to ensure action is achieved.

Professional memberships

Member of the Association of Coaching (AC);Member of British Association of Social Workers (BASW).

Career background

Julie has a long history in Social Work and as Assistant Director for Barnardo’s. Julie has 13 years of coaching and executive development experience. She uses a range of approaches, tools and techniques tailored to the needs of the individual. What is created is informed by individual learning style, preferences, and an understanding of what is in the client’s circle of influence. Due to her experience, Julie is comfortable working with a variety of needs and presenting issues as she works to access the client’s resourcefulness. In the past, she has worked with individuals to: work strategically; challenge imposter style thinking; strengthen leadership skills, work through change – personal and organisational; career progression.

Qualifications and training

MA Applied Social Studies; Diploma in Social Work; National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership Level 7; ILM Level 5 in Management Coaching; Whole Person Facilitator – Oasis School of Human Relations; NVQ level 4 Management; Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

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