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Tricia Richardson

Hello, I’m Tricia! I support people from all walks of life who wish to be seen and heard; all are remarkable in their own way and share a common theme, they have something that is blocking them from achieving their outcomes and they are willing to tap into their own thinking rather than mine.

I have worked across many sectors including the NHS, Financial Services and Public Transport and I am at my best when creating the conditions for people to think independently.

My specialist coaching areas include Time to Think and Emotional Intelligence, which will help you to integrate your feelings with your thinking and in the process, you will access your intuitive wisdom to create new insights towards your outcomes.

Coaching Profile Tricia Richardson

Tricia is an independent Consultant, Coach and Facilitator, with an array of experience in Organisational Development, HR, Talent Management, Leadership Development and Coaching.

Tricia specialises in creating programmes that engender inclusivity, in which the employee voice is central to creating sustainable change. She has considerable experience across several industries including NHS, Financial Services and Public Transport and is accredited to use MBTI, SDI, Emotional Intelligence Leadership and Brain Talents profiles.

Tricia has long set out to encourage people to showcase their real selves and has developed coaching strategies that embrace emotional intelligence coupled with the ability to tap into own wisdom. The Thinking Environment has become a central ingredient in her work and life. As such, she set up her own consultancy business in 2021 to support others in creating their own inroads and options - in their way not mine. The beauty of this approach is that it works at both an individual level and at a group level and has enabled Tricia to witness profound change both in those individuals and herself.


The coaching sessions have been valuable. I think they might actually be life changing. I find the coaching helps me to prioritise and strategize and helps me to order my thoughts. It has changed the way I approach issues, helping me to make a much more ordered approach and to also consider options and alternatives, to work out the best way forward for the things I am trying to work on. I have realised that since I started with the coaching, I much more systematically think through the options balancing what is to be gained with what is risked, so that I not only have a clear direction but that I am confident that it is the best solution for me and others it impacts. The coaching has changed the way I think and I realise that I prioritise thinking over action and therefore my actions are smarter and better. I really believe that the coaching has made me a better manager and a better friend.

Margaret Bates Executive Director


Key skills

Coaching; Leadership Development; Talent Management; Engagement; Time to Think Consultant; Facilitation; Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (use of various Emotional Intelligence reports including Leadership and Brain Talent Profiles) SDI level 2 and MBTI.


Based on the needs of the client Tricia uses coaching strategies that embrace a combination of emotional intelligence and tapping into their own wisdom.

Tricia’s main coaching style is Time to Think, which seeks to create a thinking environment to ignite thinking rather than engage in exchange thinking. Tricia listens to ignite, not to respond, which is the singular purpose of being in a Thinking Environment. You may have heard about ‘untrue limiting assumptions’; these are incredibly powerful and often go undetected, as they are so integrated within us that we accept them without challenge. They block us from achieving our outcomes. Tricia creates the conditions in which you can free yourself from their grip.


Career background

I have worked expansively in many domains, including Human Resources, Leadership and Development and Organisational Development. Her career has spanned several industries, including NHS, Financial Services and Public Transport.

Qualifications and training

MSc in Human Resource Management; BA Honours in Business; ILM Level 5 Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring; City & Guilds D32 & D33; SDI Level 1 & 2; SDI Masterclass in Performance Management Strategies; Alpha Leadership Level 7 (Action Learning Sets); MBTI; Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Assessor; ARQ Accredited to use and interpret MTQ 48: Mental Toughness; Accredited by VMPS to facilitate Lean Rapid Process Improvement Workshops; Licensed to facilitate Firework Career Coaching

Professional memberships

CIPD; Collegiate Member of Time to Think; Member of Association for Coaching

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