Cath Brown founded Cath Brown Consultancy (CBC) in 2006 after a successful career within organisational development and human resources within the NHS.

CBC has grown in response to demand and now operates an associate model built on our values and strong relationships. We choose to work in this way as it allows us to flex and scale to rapidly meet demands and to catalyse change most effectively within systems and organisations.

Who are we?

We are all qualified, practising coaches, with significant experience and appropriate professional qualifications and memberships. We offer a whole person transformative and values-based approach; we work to the client’s agenda and within their reality and context. Focussing on choice, awareness and deep listening we explore meanings, emotions, thoughts, and the values and behaviours of every unique individual, team or organisation we work with.


Our vision

  To create a safe space for those we work with to reach their potential, to be their best by enhancing performance, generating fresh awareness and perspectives and understanding limitations and interferences.  

Our values

  Define how we work with each other and everyone we engage with. We reflect and make decisions using these values and model them in the way we work.  




    Working from an equal and relational position, checking in, exploring from a curious and interested position. Creating the awareness, perspective and space to think well and work well together.    



    Making a difference to those we work with by creating positive change, ripples, transformation, learning and development. Working together as a team with a shared identity and shared values    



    Focusing on belonging, identity, and understanding self and others. Building relationships and offering a connective and compassionate space.    


What do we do?

We work with organisations and their people to become better leaders and managers via coaching, supervision, training and facilitation.



Our coaching interventions enable our clients, regardless of sector, size or location, to identify strengths and areas of interference affecting their performance and potential enabling self-development, resilience building and accomplishment of their goals.


Our supervision enables coaches, mentors or facilitators to confidentially and collaboratively explore the tasks, processes and challenges of their work/caseload, to grow in their capacity and to support their practice.

Facilitation and Training

We enable our clients to embed effective leadership, management, and performance solutions within their organisations via a range of interventions, accredited qualifications and bespoke staff development, suitable for all levels of management.

Organisational Development

We work with our clients and their organisations meet their specific needs via the design and development of systemic interventions to enable improved performance through values, people, processes and systems.

ILM Centre

Underpinning our delivery model is our ILM Centre status, which enables us to link programmes to certificated qualifications enabling individuals and organisations to create lasting and impactful changes.

Our work

We are committed to working within our region; our face-to-face work is predominantly with North East based organisations. Having developed our virtual offer, we have a growing number of clients nationally.

How do we work ?

We underpin all our client work using the mindset and beliefs of coaching and supervision:


are resourceful and our role is to explore and develop resourcefulness in self and others.


with a whole person approach striving for equality and contribution.


unconditional positive regard for self and client listening deeply and empathetically to lived experience and narratives.


confidential space and psychological safety for exploration, change and transformation.


self in service of others with trust and curiosity at the heart of the relationship.

To enable us to work towards our vision, we attach all the work we do within CBC to Timothy Gallwey’s equation for coaching and working well with people.

Performance Potential Interference

We work in partnership with our clients and offer:

  • Clarity of contracting, objectives and outcomes
  • A clear framework of services and costs
  • Excellence in design, facilitation, support and service
  • Reliability and delivery on our promises

We have had fantastic value from Cath as a coach for our leadership team both for members individually and for the team as a whole. It has been a hugely positive experience for us and this is down to Cath’s positivity, her experience and knowledge, and her commitment to keeping people challenging themselves. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cath as a team coach.

Abigail Pogson Managing Director, Sage Gateshead



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